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Architecture &
City Planning
Published articles in various publications, covering issues related primarily to urban studies and the built environment.
Environment & Sustainability
Articles addressing green lifestyles and products — content addressing subjects like Patagonia's impact, innovative green projects and environmental science.
Leisure &
These pieces speak to a wide range of items: growing giant pumpkins, special relationships with animals, and various other slices of life.
Film, Television & Photography
The Entertainment Industry is primarily the subject of these clips, about animation and features, but also independent filmmaking — and photography, too.
Automotive & Transportation
Bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, alternative vehicles, mass transit projects and the art of vehicular travel. Basically, anything that gets you from A to B.
Fine Arts
Here you'll find fine arts that I've covered for places like Otis College of Art and Design. Includes artist bios, museum exhibition catalogues, etc.
Performing Arts
An interview with playwright August Wilson and a piece featuring Brit director Peter Brook, plus a spattering of music and other performing arts. 
Food & Dining
For foodies: an artsy Thai restaurant, a socially engaged downtown cafe that serves up dignity, and even a few exotic food recipes (e.g., Cobra Schnitzel).
Advertising, Digital & 
New Media
The ever expanding influence of the digital world — and where that meets industries like advertising and innovative new media product design. 
Design & Technology
More on aspects of the designed world. New technologies lead to revolutionary animation (Pixar) and even products that help find your true love.
Education & Youth
City design as seen through the future-looking eyes of students, plus other youth-leaning perspectives on education and life. 
Clothing designers put T-shirts on our backs, sustainable garments in our backpacks, and models on the fashion runways. 

Project |03


At-Risk & Indigenous
An interview here with Chief Seattle's contemporary relatives, as well as other tribal issues and the subject of WWII Japanese internment camps.
Here you'll find a story about a family that biked across the country, roller derby mania, and the wide world of quirky sports (i.e., ever played WhirlyBall?).
Marketing & PR
The holiday season gift guides like these (Alaska Airlines) have become an anticipated part of shopping for innovative new products.
Humor & Satire
The LaLa Times, a California satire site I founded and managed for several years, was billed as "The Onion for L.A." by the Los Angeles Times
A collection of globe-spinning travel stories from near (community profiles) and far (international sister city relationships).
Business Writing
This section includes some ghostwriting in the Orange County Business Journal, a piece on philanthropy, a zoo's stylish annual report and a couple of white papers and infographics.
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